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7 February 2022
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at Rangiora Racecourse


Amberley Trotting Club are the 

National Winners of the 'STUNNING SUMMER' award

Welcome to Amberley Trotting Club

Amberley Trotting Club Inc is pleased to provide you with all the information you will need on the upcoming meeting and how you can become involved with the club and enjoy all the fun and excitement of the once a year meeting that is held on the grass track at Rangiora.

The meeting is all about the family enjoyment so bring along a picnic or enjoy the services provided at the course for a day full of fun. It is an Inter-islander Summer Festival of Racing day.

Listen to our President Ross Rennie talking to Jess Smith from Harness Half Hour about the upcoming day in this pod cast here.

There are great prizes to be won for adults and trainers, check out the prizes page here.

We wish you all the best for with your bets on the day as well.

See you there.

Race Day

  • Punters Club
  • Kidz Kartz
  • Competitions - Great prizes
  • Winning Owners acknowledgements

We are supporting the Teal Campaign for ovarian cancer

If a women driver that are wearing the teal pants and wins a race that day on course, Harness Racing New Zealand donates $100 Amberley Trotting Club will also match this $100.
On the day there will be donation boxes along with merchandise for sale.

Becomming a Member at Amberley Trotting Club

Joining the Amberley Trotting Club Inc. will ensure you are able to participate in all the events and fun of our yearly meeting at the Rangiora Racecourse.


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Become a Sponsor

Sponsorship is extremely important to both our Club and the sport of Harness Racing, so when you become a sponsor with us you are treated like royalty - in a country way - for the day.


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History of the Amberley Trotting Club

Before the Trotting Club was founded the Amberley Racing Club allowed two (2) trotting events on its programme. The Trotting Club was formed at a public meeting in April 1958 at Waipara, with the aim TO PROMOTE TROTTING IN NORTH CANTERBURY. The late Herbie Adlington was the instigator of the public meeting and in his honour the Adlington Memorial 2 year old Parade was carded for many years. The late Mr Arthur Burke, a highly respected Amberley citizen was also most helpful in the co-founding of the Club and he eventually became a most popular Patron. The very first committees consisted of many of the Amberley Racing Club's members. Names such as Greenwood, Parsons, Coleman, Smart, Dickson, Henderson, Galletly, Croft, Hislop, Topp just to name a few graced the committee list for many years. The Club was fortunate to have help from NZ Metropolitan, Canterbury Park and New Brighton Trotting Clubs to "get started" and the Amberley Racing Club (128 years old 2009 the oldest racing club In the South Island, possibly in NZ) gave free use of the track at Racecourse Road, Broomfield just north of Amberley, until the trotting club was financially stable.

Initially 338 members paid "one pound" for the privilege of being a member. First race day was September 13th 1958. "Wellburn" owned by Ted Sunckell, driven by Stan Edwards won Race One.

Total stakes 1958 were 175 pounds. Stakes for 50th Golden Jubilee meeting likely to be in excess of $116,000 plus trophies and horse rugs.

1973 NZ Racing Authority gave a directive "to close" the Amberley Racecourse and centralise both galloping and trotting at Ranglora Raceway. No meeting was held in 1973 because of the change of venues but in February 1974 a trotting meeting was held and then again in September 1974. The Club conducted Equalisator meetings at its qualifying trials meetings through until 1980.

1981 saw the introduction of an On Course Totalisator permit.

1994 the Club was issued with a full On Course Totalisator permit and it's first fill Totalisator meeting was held on the 23rd of January.

Many NZ Trotting Cup winners began their racing/trotting careers al the Amberley Trotting Club's meetings — Lookaway, Lordship, Invicta, Spry, Globe Bay, Arapaho, Robalan. Other top racehourses from old racebooks include Manaroa, Manawaru, Kotare Legend, Koarakau, Noble Lord, Master Dean, Vanadium, Intrepid, Royal Ascot, Rauka Lad, mares Van Glory, Zenover, to name just two, are successful grandams of prominent racehorses in todays era.


Childrens' Promotion


Lucky Horseshoe

Colouring Competition

Lucky Bike Draw

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Boys aged up to 5 years
Girls aged up to 5 years


(Picture is an indication of bike as prize only - this model is not the actual prize)


Trotting Club Offers

  • Top horse racing
  • Fun
  • Excitement
  • Atmosphere
  • Chance to win prizes
  • Chance to be Owner For A Day